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When the landed gentry squabble

Am I a bad person for thinking this is funny?

I say, old bean. Not cricket, you know.

Was it sewer sabotage or self-defense?

That was the question hanging in the genteel air of two of Houston’s toniest suburbs [last] Thursday after Hunters Creek Village city officials verbally opened fire on their Piney Point Village neighbors for bricking up a storm sewer, leading to 4-foot-deep flooding on Kemwood Drive during the region’s early-January deluge.

Still fuming days after his city filed a lawsuit to remove the blockage, which reduced the conduit’s diameter from 36 inches to eight, Hunters Creek Village Mayor Dave Wegner blasted Piney Point Village for having “a very antagonistic form of city government.”

Piney Point Mayor Peter Nemeth retorted that Hunters Creek Village simply was caught in the act of “trying to flood our city with extra water.”

The dispute is about a shared sewer system, and it’s the sort of thing that one would think could be resolved without claims of sabotage, lawsuits, and airing one’s fashionable yet dirty laundry in public. My advice to them is to do what civilized people do and let Judge Judy sort it all out. Next!

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