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Metro meeting about the General Mobility Program

Put it on your calendar.

You’re invited to attend a special board meeting to tell METRO what you think about the agency’s General Mobility Program (GMP) and the upcoming referendum.

The board meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 18, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in METRO’s board room at 1900 Main St.

If you wish to speak before the board, you may sign up the day of the meeting at tables in the lobby. There’s a three-minute limit on comments.

If you have an opinion on this, make sure you attend so you can have your say. Harris County Commissioners Court has an opinion about it.

At the court’s May 22 meeting, Commissioner Steve Radack held a series of annual payments to economic development groups, saying he wanted to know whether they supported the continued flow of mobility money from Metro.

The county heard back from five of the groups — (1) Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership, (2) Baytown-West Chambers County Economic Development Foundation, (3) Economic Alliance Houston Port Region, (4) Katy Economic Development Council and (5) Lone Star College -– and all said they wanted to keep the road money coming (along with, presumably, their combined $316,000 in county support).

The Greater Houston Partnership didn’t respond, so Commissioner Jack Morman asked today if GHP had specified its position on the mobility money or planned to do so. County officials didn’t know, so Radack again held the item –- and GHP’s $140,000 payment -– for another two weeks.

“GHP has no position on that right now,” said Micah Hirschfield, the group’s vice president of communications, when I asked him Wednesday afternoon. “Until our board of directors passes a resolution, if they do pass a resolution, we will have no position on it.”

No one has ever accused Steve Radack of being too subtle. I just wonder, if the GHP comes back with the wrong answer, will Radack continue to hold up their funds until they see the light? Nice little annual payment you’ve got there, sure would be a shame if something were to happen to it. Houston Tomorrow has more.

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One Comment

  1. joshua bullard says:

    kuffner-in the usa and houston as well as in harris county we have a checks and balance system,you know radack cant hold up the funds on a perm basis,what he can do is ask some questions,which by the way he was elected by a vote to do so,kuffner,steven radack is just doing his job,and a good job at that i might ad……

    you dont have sit down and shut,
    but this guy is an elected official and since your a politcal junkie like the rest of us,you should ad least adhere…………..

    joshua ben bullard