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Endorsement watch: Civil courts, part 1

The Chron gets started on candidate endorsements with a first look at the civil court races. They made recommendations in seven of the 14 District Civil Court races, and in five of those seven they endorse the Democratic incumbent for re-election.

Civil District Court 11: Incumbent Judge Mike Miller, a Democrat and a four-year bench veteran, receives our endorsement over a well-qualified Republican challenger.

Civil District Court 61: We favor Alfred “Al” Bennett, the Democratic incumbent A University of Texas Law graduate, where he was president of the student body.

Civil District Court 80: The Democratic incumbent, Judge Larry Weiman, receives our endorsement.

Civil District Court 127: The incumbent, Judge R.K. Sandill, gets our endorsement over a well-qualified Republican candidate and civil bench veteran, Russell Lloyd.

Civil District Court 152: We favor returning one-term incumbent Robert Schaffer to the bench for another four years.

Of the remaining seven Civil District Court races, four have Democratic incumbents, two have Republican incumbents, and the seventh includes Elaine Palmer, who defeated incumbent Steven Kirkland in that nasty Democratic primary. Since I always notice these things, I will note that the Chron is getting an earlier start on this task than it did in 2008. I hope they aim to be done by the beginning of early voting.

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