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Saturday video break: Der Kommissar

Song #20 on the Popdose Top 100 Covers list is “Der MKmmissar”, originally by Falco and covered by After the Fire. Here’s the original:

I guess I have to add this to the “originals I’d not heard before” list, since I didn’t know the original was in German. Unlike many other unknown-to-me originals, this one is the same basic song as the better-known cover, so other than the language it wasn’t a surprise. And 80s videos, man, gotta love ’em. Here’s After the Fire:

This is the first time in this series where I knew the cover but didn’t know the name of the covering band. All these years I heard that song on the radio, I can’t ever recall a DJ mentioning their name. How does that happen? Anyway, this video is even 80s-ier than I remember. Such a beautiful synergy between medium and art form, isn’t it?

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