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The University Corridor

Sorry for the late notice about this.

University Line

Every year Houston combs its plan for future road building and improvements and makes changes. Generally, it’s relatively minor stuff that reflects putting on paper something that is going to happen anyway.


Other times, even though everybody knows the writing on the wall, the changes are worth noting. Buried within all the minor tweaks and shifts of road widths and types of streets is an exhaustive set of changes proposed by the Metropolitan Transit Authority to essentially convert all the roads along the proposed University Line to “transit corridor streets.”

The designation would allow planners and developers to identify the street as a major transit route. It’s the same designation that the city gave Main Street, Fulton Street and other roads where Metro is building light rail lines.

The University Line designations would follow the planned path of the east-west line, from I-45 near the University of Houston main campus along Alabama Street, Richmond Avenue and Westpark Drive.

The designation helps Metro plan for that as a the likely rail route, and conforms to the city’s transit ordinance that spelled out the path.

This is happening at the Planning Commission’s meeting today, 2:30 PM at Council chambers. See and Houston Tomorrow for more. There’s also a petition you can sign if you want to add your voice but can’t make the meeting. This does nothing about funding for the University Line, but it’s a necessary step forward. Let’s make it happen.

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