Steven Hotze in his own words

Media Matters sat in on a conference call of professional haters, and, well, see for yourself.

Fox News hero and prominent Texas conservative Dr. Steven Hotze warned supporters during a conference call that gay activists want to overturn laws prohibiting pedophilia, calling gay people “perverted and deviant.”

On September 10, Conservative Republicans of Texas leader Steven Hotze held a “Marriage Battle Plan” conference call with supporters, aimed at laying out a “battle plan” for combating “pro-homosexual rhetoric and propaganda” in federal courts. The call, which also featured Texas GOP chairman candidate Jared Woodfill, was pitched as “a meeting that liberals will be talking about for years.”

During the call, Hotze warned that “perverted and deviant” homosexuals were attempting to overturn laws against pedophilia in order to recruit young boys into homosexuality — a sentiment Woodfill didn’t contest:

Hotze repeated the myth that gay people have lifespans “20 to 30 years shorter than the average person,” calling homosexuality “an unhealthy lifestyle” that “needs to be stopped”:

Hotze warned that, if same-sex marriage were recognized in Texas, children would be taught how to be gay:

He asked listeners to “stand up and fight” against homosexuality, comparing it to cancer:

Woodfill added that the gay “political agenda” included pushing for “universal acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle”:

In addition to Woodfill, Hotze’s conference call also featured Brian Camenker, president of the fringe anti-gay hate group MassResistance.

There’s audio at the post in each place where you see a colon above, so click over and have a listen. I like to think that I’ve lost my capacity to be surprised by this sort of thing, but every time I do someone like Steven Hotze goes and does something like this. I have not lost my capacity to be amazed at the amount of lying that people who consider themselves to be disciples of Christ are willing and able to do. This is what we’re up against, not just in the HERO fight but overall. They’re a dying breed but they’re still here now and they won’t go quietly. You want to help deposit them into the garbage can of history, you need to show up and vote, this year and every year.

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