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Paxton is all “Whatevs” on the probe against him expanding

What, him worry?.

Ken Paxton

A week after news became public that a Collin County judge had broadened the investigation into Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s alleged securities violations, Paxton downplayed the change, saying he already had addressed the matter.

“Same thing as always,” Paxton said of the expanded inquiry.


Given the widened probe, the case’s statute of limitations, expected to expire this month, could be extended.

“I dealt with this a year ago,” added Paxton, who last year admitted to soliciting clients for a friend’s investment firm without being properly registered with the state — a third-degree felony for which he was reprimanded and fined $1,000.

See here for the background. Paxton has zero credibility and every reason to be dismissive of the possible charges against him, so take what he says here with coronary-inducing amounts of salt. Doesn’t mean he won’t eventually skate – good things happen to bad people all the time – but it won’t be because he thinks he’s “dealt with it”.

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