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Preview your bus route change

From Write On Metro:

The New Bus Network is designed to make our service better and more convenient for you. Before it debuts on Aug. 16, you can get a preview of exactly how your new route will be changed.

Simply go to the Dual Trip Planner. Type in your starting and ending addresses. There are three ways to enter addresses. Once you have your new itinerary, you can send it to your email or phone by clicking the “Send This Itinerary” button that appears after its description.

When experimenting with the Dual Trip Planner, please note that the planner is extremely sensitive to the exact locations typed in. Just changing your destination by one block can result in a very different itinerary. For example, “Hobby Airport” will give you a different trip plan than “Airport & Broadway” which gives you a different option than “Broadway & Morley.”

If you’re going to the Galleria, the address “Westheimer and Post Oak” will give you a different result than “Westheimer & Sage.”

If it’s been awhile since you’ve looked at the System Reimagining webpage, you really ought to familiarize yourself with this tool, as the initial routes have been tweaked and re-tweaked multiple times. The #40 bus I take now is the same in my neighborhood, but takes a different path downtown, so the stop I’ll be using there will change for me. Forewarned is forearmed and all that. Change is hard and there will be some bumps and bruises, but we will get through this.

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