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Mayoral debate

I missed the mayoral debate that was on PBS last night (oddly, there’s no Chron coverage of this), but thankfully Greg Wythe was paying attention. He’s got a fine overview of the candidates’ performances, and one of the better zingers I’ve seen lately, regarding a challenge that each candidate was given to apportion 100 $1 bills as they would for the city budget:

[Michael] Berry was a big spender on the category that favored infrastructure, but low (ironically) on public safety. So while the streets will be paved over, this will allow for fleeing criminals to get away quicker.

Heh. If you want to see the entire debate summarized in this fashion, then Alex is your man.

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One Comment

  1. Greg Wythe says:

    John Williams has a snoozer of a column about the debate.

    I had to hold off on most of the zingers since I knew Alex would be doing a different take on the debate than mine. Somewhere inbetween the two, I think we get it pretty well summed up, though.