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Interview with Anne Sung

Anne Sung

Anne Sung

One of the more interesting races on the ballot this year is the special election to fill the remainder of outgoing HISD Trustee Harvin Moore’s term. There are four candidates running for this seat, and I will have interviews with three of them. First up is Anne Sung, who had run for this position before in 2013 (you can listen to my interview with her from that election here). Sung is a graduate of HISD schools and a former science teacher and department chair at Lee High School. She served on Mayor Turner’s Education Transition Team and is now the chief strategy officer and Vice President at the non-profit Project GRAD Houston. Here’s what we talked about:

You should also check out this Chron recap of a trustee candidate forum on Monday, which includes video and a transcript of some yes-or-no questions for candidates Anne Sung, Victoria Bryant, and John Luman. I’ll have interviews with the latter two in the coming days.

Interviews and Q&As from the primaries are on my 2016 Election page. I will eventually get around to updating it to include links to fall interviews.

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  1. Joshua ben bullard says:

    Anne sung is presented with a number of challenges a)can she make a run off? B)Can she find a winning path out of a low turn out run off? She was in fact a teacher but she was never a part of the admin side of Hisd,she was never in a management position, this may count against her but it is surprising she’s the only candidate that publicly comes out headstrong announcing she will be quick to raise our hisd taxes (that’s Bold)Sung continues to shy a way from her need to address her personal interpersonal skills in dealing with select voters that have disagreed with her in the past,if she’s unable to bridge the gap in that area with all voters she’s going to have a tough time winning this election.

  2. Jeff says:

    Joshua, when was the statement made on “quick to raise hisd taxes?”