Jon Matthews off the air

Good grief, how in the world did I miss this?

Popular radio talk show host Jon Matthews is off the air and we’ve learned Sugar Land police are investigating him.

Houstonians have been listening to the conservative radio talk show host for more than 15 years. He’s a former Marine with loyal listeners, but on Friday those listeners didn’t hear him because his boss took him off the air.

“I think that was the best thing to do,” said KSEV General Manager Dan Patrick.

Patrick yanked Matthews off the air after learning from Eyewitness News about the investigation and then speaking to detectives.

“I just told him, ‘John, since there’s an investigation going on, it’s just not the wise thing for you to be on the air until all the facts are known’,” said Patrick.

The Sugar Land Police Department would not talk about this case on camera, but they do say on the record that they’re investigating Matthews after an allegation of indecency with a child. They are, however, reluctant to release any specifics.

Sugar Land Police Captain Mike Lund says, “We have an ongoing investigation and I’m not going to go there.”

Matthews shut the door on us when we tried to talk to him on Friday. He wouldn’t discuss the investigation. His boss hopes people will reserve judgment until the truth is determined by police or a jury.

“Let the investigation play out,” said Patrick. “Let’s see if there are any charges brought, if there are not. I don’t know what else you’d like me to say.”

Congressman John Culberson, who appears weekly on Matthews’ show says he can’t imagine the talk show host being involved in any indecency with a child. He said “I just can’t even imagine…I refuse to believe it…It must be a mistake.”

It’s important to stress that at this time, Matthews has not been arrested or charged with any crime.

Via Atrios. Finding this story explains a comment that was left yesterday on an older post of mine, one which shows the type of discourse that Jon Matthews is famous for. I’ll keep my eyes open for any updates on this.

UPDATE: Since everyone seems to be coming to this post via their Google searches, an update is posted here.

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116 Responses to Jon Matthews off the air

  1. Tony says:

    as far as I know his case is still set for trial on the 26th or the 28th of June, down in Ft. Bend COunty

  2. Fred says:

    News out on Jon…doesn’t sound good. Oh well, we were all hoping for some good news but sounds like things are as bad as originally reported. It’s disappointing but there’s no defending this type of thing…liberal or conservative, you got to suffer the consequences.

  3. NOMOE says:

    This is just terrible alot of you where so concerned about poor Mr. Matthews, but not one time did anyone ever have any concern for the Child. The man is sick & I dont think he should ever be back on the air again. Talking about Two face Balled lair sex addick, I do feel sorry for his family but not him I beleaved in what he said I was a big fan from day one but now……… LOCK HIM UP

  4. Raymond says:

    After this plea bargain I am amazed that this pedofile will have his record wiped clean if he stays out of trouble. Record expunged or not, Jon Matthews should be kept away from all children … As Rush should be kept away from your medicine cabinet.

  5. DeLloyd says:

    I still believe King Cat Daddy is innocent!!!! Why he accepted that plea-bargain is beyond me. I still say he was framed. He probably committed the incredibly dumb mistake of urinating in his yard and some kid saw him and got all bent out of shape. I wish there was something I could do for you, Cat Daddy!!! Deferred adjudication is always on your record—it ain’t wiped away. Cat Daddy, I know you got heart trouble—jail ain’t no good for you. Man, you shouldn’t ever plead guilty to something you ain’t done! I’m crying, man.

  6. Steve says:

    Guilty is guilty. Watch out for your neighbors; that friend that you have known for years and years. No telling what they will do. My God have justice on Mr. Matthews soul.

  7. Nomoe says:

    Deloyd I can see if they make you happy they can never do no wrong……..I guess that what you do
    take a leak by the fence and saying hiii little becky hows the world treating you. Man get outtttttt of here REDNECK hero got caught you to if not careful. lolol now the Cat Dady got caught
    with his tail out, next time cat let your meat loaf.

  8. Julie says:

    Ex-radio host pleads guilty to child indecency
    Jon Matthews accepts previously rejected deal

    RICHMOND — Just one week before he was to go to trial on charges that he exposed himself to an 11-year-old girl, former radio talk show host Jon Matthews pleaded guilty Monday to indecency with a child.

    Matthews, 59, a fixture on the Houston radio dial for nearly 20 years, decided to accept a plea bargain after turning it down last week, said Fort Bend County District Attorney John Healey.

    The plea bargain of seven years’ deferred adjudication means no jail time for the former radio personality. However, the terms of the agreement call for him to register as a sex offender, perform community service and move from his home because it is too close to a school.

    In a pre-trial hearing Monday in the court of state District Judge Brady Elliott, Matthews’ attorney, Stephen Doggett, said he wanted to reconsider the plea offer.

    Healey said prosecutors were surprised by the decision.

    “It was always a possibility, but it was not anticipated,” Healey said.

    After pleading guilty, Matthews left the courtroom with his attorney and declined to explain why he decided to accept the plea bargain.

    “I’m really not able to say anything right now,” Matthews said.

    According to court documents, the victim — a neighbor of Matthews — went to Matthews’ home to play with his new puppy and he answered the door in his underwear.

    The girl told investigators Matthews sat on the floor and that his genitals were exposed.

    Court documents state Matthews then left the room to put on a pair of shorts.

    “Upon his return to the living room, the defendant pulled his shorts and underwear down and exposed his genitals to Sara Post (pseudonym), then he said `whoops.’ Sara Post demonstrated how far down the defendant pulled his shorts and underwear. The defendant told Sara Post not to tell what he had done.”

    Although Matthews pleaded guilty, the judge deferred the sentencing and the finding of guilt until Aug. 2.

    The judge can approve the plea arrangement or reject it.

    Matthews could withdraw the plea and ask for a trial if the judge were to reject the plea.

    Defendants who successfully complete the terms of deferred adjudication, a form of probation, avoid final conviction, but the charge remains a part of their record.

    The arrangement calls for him to register as a sex offender during the term of the deferred adjudication and for 10 years afterward.

    He must perform 160 hours of community service and move from his Sugar Land house.

    Prosecutors said Matthews can no longer reside at the house on Rolling Mill because it is too close to Sugar Land MIddle School. State law prohibits sex offenders from living within 1,000 feet of a school.

    Matthews must also make a $5,000 donation to Crime Stoppers, undergo sex offender counseling and write a letter of apology to the victim.

    Meanwhile, Healey said the parents of the girl were consulted about the plea bargain and approved the terms.

    “The agreed punishment is suitable under the circumstances,” Healey said, adding that avoiding a trial spares the victim from having to testify in court.

    “Yet, she was ready to take the witness stand in the event that it became necessary to try the case,” Healey said.

    Matthews was indicted Nov. 11 on a charge of exposing himself to the girl on Oct. 9. He was arrested two days after the indictment and released on a $10,000 personal recognizance bond.

    After he was indicted, the conservative talk show host resigned from his position at KSEV-AM 700 where he had a 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. weekday program and also stopped writing a column for the weekly newspaper Fort Bend Star.

    Matthews has been on the air in Houston since the mid-1980s working at KSRR-FM and KPRC-AM before moving to KSEV-AM in March 2001.

    Dan Patrick, the owner of KSEV-AM 700 and host of an afternoon talk show on the station, talked about the guilty plea on the air Monday afternoon.

    “The law has worked through its course. Justice apparently has been done. I pray for the victim and I pray for Jon,” Patrick said.

  9. Nomoe says:

    The End.

  10. nincompoop says:

    Boy-oh-boy. What a totally stupid thing to do. At first I thought it was just an accident, but to come back in the room then drop your drawers, what the heck is that? Stupid, and sick. I am glad he didnt molest her, but what a deranged moronic fool. If it would have been my grand-daughter, boy-oh-boy, I may have taken a tire iron and lost my mind. How sad. That’s digusting and disturbing. From someone who is always talking about how right he is and all, pointing out and laughing about other people doing “bad” things, well, he just joined the club of sickos, right along with Bill Clinton. How sad.

  11. Lisa says:

    I’m still numb.

  12. Anthony McBride says:

    The system works again the politically and wealthy connnected people get away without Jail time. Jon Matthews was a big law and order guy when it was someone else when it was him is trying to stay out of jail. It amazes me how the commuinty is not outraged this Sex Offender is not going to jail. Since he pled guilty there is no doubt of his guilt. This scumbag should have been put in JAIL, anyone that does that to a child should be put in JAIL. I did ont hear this as a topic of any of the talk shows. THey tried their best to keep it quiet. I WONDER WHY.

  13. Bugger says:

    I was a big fan of John Matthews I have called his shows in the past. I am not going to beat a Dead horse in the ground but he had it all, the fame in a sort, money and then when all is going well they want to drop there Draws go figure. He needs to be in jail he preached one thing and did the other. Pass the tire Tool please POOP!!!

  14. I got this site by asking “George W Bush’s state-
    ment in January, 2000 concerning going after Saddam Hussein the first time Hussein stubbed his toe”
    Len Ackerman

  15. David Marsh says:

    Dear friends,
    I have been a victim of injustices and torture stemming over 35 years from all of these corrupt organisations,Police,social services,solicitors,judges,amongst others,my injuries are massive,and the mental damage for life.All my injustices have taken place in Scunthorpe, N.Lincolnshire,Great Britain,obviously when I was on the net a few months ago I found I was the biggest survivor of injustices for 2 years.
    The judicial system is corrupt,and the courts run a political policy of kill the innocent to protect the guilty,or “Habeus CorpuS”(Habeus Corpus,Latin “Take the body away”)towards victims,the biggest threat to “Mutter courage und ihre kinder”(German,Mother courage and her children)is the corrupt court officials who break all the laws set down by law to hurt,and torture men,women and children.But for people who think they know the future,you must remember that on average 800 species a year become extinct,now logic dictates that man is also in this equasion,I mean look at the internet,probably the best communication tool man has ever made,but yet it is full of dangerous and evil criminals who have destroyed the best communication tool in the world,when people compare our times with times of the past,these people are the biggest fools of all,man must realise that everything changes including behaviour,language,thoughts,transport,infact the list is endless.Anyway if you think todays problems are bad you watch these children who have grown up in a violent world grow up,yours “Tom Thumb”(Tom Thumb,buried In N.Lincolnshire,Great Britain,for reference you.

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