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Hate groups are getting busy on college campuses

From the Anti-Defamation League, another reason to be worried, if you needed one.

White supremacists, emboldened by the 2016 elections and the current political climate, are currently engaged in an unprecedented outreach effort to attract and recruit students on American college campuses. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has cataloged 104 incidents of white supremacist fliering on college campuses since the school year began in September 2016, with surge of activity since January 2017, when 63 of the total incidents (61 percent) occurred.

Until recently, on-the-ground white supremacist actions have been relatively infrequent on college campuses. But this year has been different, according to ADL’s Center on Extremism. White supremacists are using a variety of tactics including anti-Semitic, anti-Muslim and racist fliers, as well as on-campus appearances and speeches by racist activists.

“White supremacists have consciously made the decision to focus their recruitment efforts on students and have in some cases openly boasted of efforts to establish a physical presence on campus,” said Jonathan A. Greenblatt, ADL’s CEO. “While there have been recruitment efforts in the past, never have we seen anti-Semites and white supremacists so focused on outreach to students on campus.”

White supremacist engagement tactics on campus range from the virtual, such as sending racist fliers to thousands of campus fax machines, to on the ground rallies and speaking engagements. More extremists are also making a point of visiting campuses to speak with students individually. This is part of a push to move their activism from online chatter to “real world” action.

See here for a fuller report. As noted by the Current, seventeen of these documented incidents have taken place on campuses of Texas universities, with Texas State being especially popular. I don’t have a prescription for this, but it’s everyone’s responsibility to be part of the resistance to it. Among other things, it would be very nice if our state leaders addressed the problem, spoke out against it, and maybe had just the tiniest glimmer of self-awareness for the role their support of Donald Trump has had in exacerbating this problem.

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  1. Flypusher says:

    “…maybe had just the tiniest glimmer of self-awareness for the role their support of Donald Trump has had in exacerbating this problem.”

    Given that they’re perfectly happy to look the other way when he fails to disclose taxes and remove conflicts of interest and costs the taxpayers extra millions with his and his family’s lifestyle choices, and don’t forget the whole Russian thing, I wouldn’t hold out much hope for that. They sold their souls for a rubber stamp, why should a bit of open racism bother them?

    The KKK has twice in the past left one of their toxic hate flyers on my front door. I’m surprised that I haven’t found another one, such they’re so boldly crawling out from under their rocks.

  2. voter_worker says:

    Auburn University has cancelled an appearance by Richard Spencer. I think this is a mistake because 1. free speech and 2. the victim card is very useful and can be skillfully played.

  3. paul a kubosh says:

    The hate groups have been there a very long time. Just try going to a University and holding a trump rally. You will see the hate groups coming out of the wood work.

  4. Flypusher says:

    Really Paul? Do these campus “hate groups” have track records of domestic terrorism and intimidation and lynching like the kkk and their ilk? Did you even read the flyer in the picture? Have your “hate groups” done worse than start fights at demonstrations (keeping in mind that the anarchist types who are fond of hijacking protests account for some of the recent trouble)? False equivalence is false.

  5. paul a kubosh says:


    You are a perfect example of what I am talking about. Never did I say anything in support of the hateful right wing nuts. Just look at what happened at USC. Did you see all the guys in masks show up? They were clearly part of the left wing hate groups. To say there are no left wing hate groups on campus means that you just don’t care or not informed. Happy Easter.

  6. Flypusher says:

    You dodged my questions Paul. Do these left wing groups have an equivalent track record to the kkk and their ilk or not?

  7. Flypusher says:

    Also, how many of these people who rioted at dear little Milo’s talk were actually students or alums?

  8. voter_worker says:

    It wasn’t on a campus, but Nathan Damigo yesterday emerged as a stellar example of alt-right manhood by punching out a woman at the Berkeley tax march.

  9. Flypusher says:

    Why am I not shocked that Damigo has a less than honorable discharge from the Marines?

    Also I think it’s hilarious than these knuckleheads in the Houston chapter thought that Rice of all places was a good choice for recruiting!

  10. paul a kubosh says:

    USC bans Ann Coulter (sp). Another hater stopped.

  11. Bill Daniels says:

    @ Voter and Fly:

    As usual, the plot thickens. Prior to the punch heard ’round the world, the girl he hit, nicknamed “Moldylocks” for her culturally appropriated dreadlocks, was caught on camera tossing glass bottles, and hitting people with weighted gloves on. Hardly the victim of Trump violence we would like to believe. She also availed herself of social media to announce that she was going there to “take 100 scalps,” PRIOR to the event. Yes, just a peaceful victim, preyed upon by a mean ol’ rightie who took umbrage at being choked.

  12. Bill Daniels says:


    What part of town do you live in to get a KKK flyer on your door? I’d be upset about that, too. I guess I’m lucky, I just get window salesmen, tree trimming companies, housekeeping services, etc. at my door. Oh, and the Jehovah’s Witnesses. I wish they would hurry up and get their 144,000 confirmed so they can stop bugging me.

  13. Bill Daniels says:

    Extended video of our oppressed heroine at the “Women’s March. Warning: Maybe NSFW….she’s topless, but is wearing pasties.