Interview with Adrienne Bell

Adrienne Bell

CD14 covers Galveston and Jefferson counties, plus part of Brazoria. Those first two counties were the main component of what was once CD09, before Tom DeLay ripped up the map. Its heritage is Democratic – Nick Lampson represented that turf for four terms – but has since gotten away from those roots. Trying to get it back is Adrienne Bell, a native Houstonian and second grade teacher with HISD. A veteran organizer, Bell served as a Deputy Field Director with Battleground Texas, and on the Houston staff for the Obama 2012 election campaign. She and Colin Allred were the only two Texas Democrats in the first wave of endorsements from President Obama; she has since also been endorsed by Democracy for America. Here’s what we talked about:

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3 Responses to Interview with Adrienne Bell

  1. Let us know when Houston women put banking and healthcare on their websites.

    Reading Lizzie’s ideas are boring enough as it is.

  2. Burt Levine says:

    Bell is not a “Houston woman” Joe. If you dislike Lizzie, have you met with John, her opponent?

  3. Houston women have held a majority of leadership positions in the private amd public sector for years or decades.

    They still can’t figure out a $15 minimum wage and paid maternity leave.

    It’s be easier to move to a prettier and smarter city.

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