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Texas blog roundup for the week of February 17

The Texas Progressive Alliance reminds you that early voting for the Texas primaries begins this week as it brings you the roundup.

Off the Kuff interviewed three candidates for Harris County District Attorney: Kim Ogg (the incumbent), Carvana Cloud, and Audia Jones.

SocraticGadfly saw Dusty Baker worrying about beanballs for Astros and thought about plenty of other punishment tactics that other teams could come up with on or off the field.


And here are some posts of interest from other Texas blogs.

Robert Nagle endorses Elizabeth Warren for President.

Mustafa Tameez criticizes the Trump administration’s recent attacks on so-called “sanctuary cities”.

Paradise in Hell interprets Sen. John Cornyn.

The Texas Signal comments on Cornyn’s low name recognition.

The Lunch Tray takes a closer look at Unilever’s decision to mostly end child-directed marketing of ice cream.

Jenny Rollins looks at Sen. Mitt Romney’s lone Republican vote to convict Donald Trump in the impeachment trial through a Mormon lens.

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