Interview with Teneshia Hudspeth

Teneshia Hudspeth

As you know, HCDP precinct chairs will be picking a nominee for Harris County Clerk, to run for Diane Trautman’s unexpired term. The leading candidate for this is Teneshia Hudspeth, who has worked in the Clerk’s office for fifteen years and has been a top lieutenant in the elections division. I’ve interacted with Teneshia multiple times over the years, and I plan to vote for her in my role as precinct chair. With the selection process coming up on August 15, I wanted to take the opportunity to interview her, so my fellow precinct chairs and everyone who’ll get to vote for her in November can get to know her a little better. The job of County Clerk will be different when she takes office thanks to the adoption of an elections administrator by Commissioners Court, and that made this interview a little weird for both of us, since my questions to Clerk candidates have usually been about election matters, and right now we don’t know exactly what that will mean going forward. But we persevered, and you can hear the result here:

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7 Responses to Interview with Teneshia Hudspeth

  1. Mainstream says:

    I am a staunch Republican, but I have interacted with Teneshia Hudspeth on a number of occasions over the years, and can vouch that she is a class act. She is bright, always showed great attention to detail, and was polite even in contentious and difficult situations.

  2. brad says:


    So here is the money question, will you vote for her if she is the nominee?

  3. Sydney Bailey says:

    She worked under Stan. If she didn’t stand up when he was rejecting marriage licenses for same sex couples what makes Dems think she will now?

  4. brad says:


    Wasn’t her call.

  5. NearNorth says:

    She wasn’t the Chief Deputy under Stan, so it would have been out of place for her to tell or advise him what to do. Also, that was one of the many things that cost him his re-election. Sometimes it’s ok to sit quiet and let someone hang themselves.

  6. voter_worker says:

    I don’t think it should be assumed that the creation of the EA is a done deal. The discussion and vote in Commissioner’s Court two weeks ago had a tentative aspect to it and merely began the process. Judge Hidalgo left the door open to rescind the vote later if input is received that persuades them to change course. Thanks for the interesting interview.

  7. Bill Daniels says:


    A: Because the SCOTUS wrote a law legalizing gay marriage. There’s no reason for Teneshia to deny licenses to gays who want to get married. She was following the law then, I assume she’ll follow the law now, if elected.

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