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More trouble for True the Vote

Music to my ears. When identifying the individuals most responsible for convincing supporters of Donald Trump that the 2020 election was stolen, no one surpasses Trump himself. But one could argue that the second person on the list is filmmaker … Continue reading

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IRS complaint filed against True the Vote

Let’s go! Conservative activists Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips used the nonprofit True the Vote to enrich themselves, according to a complaint filed to the IRS. On Monday, the nonprofit watchdog group Campaign for Accountability called for an investigation into True … Continue reading

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Grifters always stick together

Two shitty tastes that taste even shittier together. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is pretty familiar with Catherine Engelbrecht. He’s been a guest on her podcast, chatting about their shared passion: rooting out voter fraud. They both have gone to … Continue reading

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Look for the grifters

In any rightwing political movement, there will always be grifters. It’s absolutely an ants-to-a-picnic situation. Over the last two presidential election cycles, True the Vote has raised millions in donations with claims that it discovered tide-turning voter fraud. It’s promised … Continue reading

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FBI raids HISD official’s home and office

Well, this is never good. Agents with the FBI and IRS spent hours Thursday searching the administrative offices of the Houston Independent School District and the Cypress-area house of its chief operating officer, but they remained tight-lipped about what they … Continue reading

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Sen. Carlos Uresti indicted on federal fraud charges

Very bad. State Sen. Carlos Uresti, accused of misleading a former client who invested in a company in which Uresti has a financial stake, was indicted by a federal grand jury on 11 charges over his involvement in the alleged … Continue reading

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FBI and IRS raid Sen. Carlos Uresti’s office

That’s never a good thing. FBI and IRS agents raided the San Antonio law offices of state Sen. Carlos Uresti on Thursday morning — confiscating documents and other items. A law enforcement source told the the San Antonio Express-News, which … Continue reading

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Empower Texans could have some tax problems

Schadenfreude alert: Empower Texans, an organization at the center of the state’s far-right conservative movement, reported no political expenses on its 2012 tax returns to the Internal Revenue Service, despite showing $350,000 in campaign expenditures to state authorities, documents show. … Continue reading

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Regulating Bitcoin in Texas

Bitcoin regulations. We have ’em. Texas will not treat Bitcoin and other virtual currencies as legal money, according to a new memo from the Texas Department of Banking. Yet some companies that deal in Bitcoin transactions could draw state oversight, even … Continue reading

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Hall’s tax troubles, again

This isn’t new news, but it’s getting a lot more play now. Top mayoral challenger Ben Hall agreed to pay the IRS more than $680,000 in back taxes and penalties earlier this year, court documents show. On Jan. 16, less … Continue reading

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Dark money

It’s a small step, if it’s allowed to be taken, but the bill to require donor disclosure on so-called “dark money” is a step in the right direction. Senate Bill 346 takes direct aim at the cloak of anonymity that … Continue reading

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“Non-profit” college sports

Really good read in the Statesman. One way to view Mack Brown’s recent salary modification, to as much as $5.7 million this year with performance bonuses, is that the University of Texas’s generosity has made him the highest-paid college coach … Continue reading

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Green’s tax liens

I know some people think that the Mayor’s race is boring, so perhaps they should take a look at the City Controller’s race instead. The Internal Revenue Service has filed two tax liens on City Councilman Ronald Green for more … Continue reading

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