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Beyond turducken

You’ve had turducken. You’ve had turbaconducken. Where do you go from there? How about the Quaducant, with Creole sausage? That’s just one of several options presented to you at that link. I may have to ask for that next year. This year, we’re having turkey enchiladas, made by my most excellent mother-in-law. Oh, and pie. There are some side dishes as well, but really, what more do you need to know? Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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After having turducken for your Thanksgiving dinner, how can you not have something like this for dessert?

A Los Angeles man named Charles Phoenix has created the turducken of Thanksgiving desserts and dubbed it the cherpumple.

Turduckens are pretty commonplace these days; the cherpumple decidedly is not. A cherpumple is a three-layer cake sporting an entire pie in each layer (spice cake holding an apple pie on the bottom layer, a pumpkin pie nestled in yellow cake in the middle and a top layer of cherry pie baked into white cake) iced with cream cheese frosting.

“When you slice and serve it,” Phoenix says in a video on his cherpumple-pumped site charles, “your company will be astonished.”


But one thing bothered me about this strange and clever creation. Who the heck eats cherry pie at Thanksgiving?

I thought I could best the cherpumple. And now I present to you the pumpecapple.

OK, maybe it doesn’t roll off the tongue, but the pumpecapple – my “improvement” on the cherpumple – better represents Thanksgiving flavors with layers of pumpkin, pecan and apple pies baked in cake. I also thought good pies and homemade cake batter (Phoenix used frozen pies and box cake mix) would make a crazy dessert idea palatable. Even delicious.

My first and only call was to Three Brothers Bakery on South Braeswood. (You think I’d make this thing myself, are you crazy?) Three Brothers immediately came to mind because the Houston bakery’s pecan pie recently was recently singled out by Country Living magazine as one of the best pies in the country.

Janice Jucker, one of the business’ owners along with her husband, Robert, immediately bit. Three Brothers was game, and they also suggested improving on the layers: Apple pie baked in a spice apple cake; chocolate pecan pie in a chocolate cake; pumpkin pie in a pumpkin spice cake. Robert did the baking, and decorator Heather Campbell did the icing (Janice did a lot of the encouraging and cheerleading).

Read the rest to see how it turned out. All I can say is OM NOM NOM, I so totally want to try either one of them. Maybe this can be the cake for my next birthday.

For those of you who think turducken is too wimpy…

…I give you Turbaconducken. Yes, it’s exactly what you think it is. If you click the link, you will either rush right out to buy several pounds of bacon, or you will become a vegetarian. If you’re already a vegetarian, for the love of God do not click the link. I cannot be held responsible if you do.

I linked to this last year, but after being reminded about it by Andria, I figured it deserved its own post. As it happens, we’re having turducken – the normal, old school, un-baconified kind – for our Thanksgiving dinner today. Tiffany picked it up on a whim, and I’m psyched about it. Anybody out there doing something a little different for T-Day? Leave a comment and let me know. And Happy Thanksgiving!