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November 28th, 2002:

High-roast turkey and other helpful hints

Tiffany subscribes to Cook’s Illustrated, a fascinating magazine even for a non-chef like me. One part chef school, one part science lab, one part Consumer Reports, the magazine is all about finding the best way to do something by trial-and-error experimentation. If you ever want to know why a particular recipe calls for a certain ingredient or technique, this is the magazine for you.

Here’s an example of their methodology as they answer the question “How can we cook a turkey in less than two hours?” Includes a full recipe for turkey, stuffing, and gravy, with illustrations in a separate PDF file.

They also have a complete guide to Thanksgiving cooking which requires registration. If you’re more interested in what you don’t have to cook, check out this report on precooked turkeys and store-bought items like gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie.

Happy Thanksgiving!