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What’s the rush?

I probably should have already blogged about the Governor’s refusal to halt executions while the godawful Houston Crime Lab mess gets cleaned up, but if you’ve been waiting for me to do so I hope you’ve already seen what Ginger … Continue reading Continue reading

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From the Department of Anecdotal Evidence

Inspired by this Kevin Drum post, I took a little informal yard-sign survey of my neighborhood this past weekend. Now, I expected Kerry/Edwards supporters to greatly outnumber Bush/Cheney fans. I live in a Democratic enclave, I had only seen K/E … Continue reading Continue reading

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Updated registration tallies

Not quite at the thirteen million mark yet for Texas, though the data in this story is about two weeks old. Texas — one of 16 states with the deadline — expects the final figures will reveal a record number … Continue reading Continue reading

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“Free speech zone” knocked down at Texas Tech

Another victory for free speech in Lubbock. In a major decision affecting the way public universities allow public speech, U.S. District Judge Sam Cummings knocked down a Texas Tech policy that establishes free-speech zones. Cummings ruled Thursday partially in favor … Continue reading Continue reading

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Caffeinated beer

I believe I have identified another sign of the impending apocalypse: Caffeinated beer. Budweiser’s new brew, Be, pronounced “B-to-the-e,” is a cross between an energy drink and a beer. “You’ll be able to wake up and dull the senses at … Continue reading Continue reading

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Texas Tuesdays: Chet Edwards

And here we are again for another exciting Texas Tuesday, with our special guest star Chet Edwards. Get the latest scoop and a Q&A here and here. We’re officially in the home stretch now, with four weeks to go, and … Continue reading Continue reading

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