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Another definition of blogging fame

I’ve always wanted to be a bonus assignment on someone’s homework. Thanks, Ms. Jones, whoever you are. Continue reading

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OK, that would scare me

Johnny Damon’s face on a pumpkin. And more over at Sparky. Sparky calls Damon the Unfrozen Caveman Outfielder, by the way. That’s funny, but I’m still partial to HWRNMNBSOL’s comment, which dubbed him The Passion of the Centerfielder. Continue reading

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Everybody has one non-negotiable issue

Bringing out the base and persuading swing voters are important and all, but converting one of the other guy’s supporters is the sweetest thing of all. You just have to find the right issue. Here’s how Texas Law Chick did … Continue reading Continue reading

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Tom DeLay is a big crybaby

Would somebody please make Tom DeLay a nice cup of warm milk and tuck him into bed? He’s all upset because people are being mean to him. “I’ve never had a campaign where the entire nation has tried to destroy … Continue reading Continue reading

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