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Blogging the state house

I heartily endorse this idea. Newspapers clearly are embracing the idea of staff blogs, and one area of news coverage that’s ripe for blogging is the politics and government beat. At the Times Argus and Rutland Herald in Vermont, a … Continue reading Continue reading

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The calendar girls of Port Aransas

Nothing like a naked calendar to raise money for the arts. “The flesh may sag,” said calendar cover girl Judith Greer, “but skin still sells.” Greer’s wisdom draws laughter loud enough to drown out the sea gulls floating over the … Continue reading Continue reading

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Who needs 527s when you have reality TV?

Meet Jolanda Jones: attorney, civic activist, City Council candidate, contestant on Survivor. I think Keir is right when he says “No amount of money could buy her potential campaign the kind of notoriety she would gain from an extended run … Continue reading Continue reading

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Coleman convicted of perjury

Good. The lone undercover agent in a sting that sent dozens of black people to prison on bogus drug charges in Tulia was convicted today of one of two perjury counts. Tom Coleman was acquitted of testifying falsely in a … Continue reading Continue reading

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Baseball’s new steroid policy

So Major League Baseball has implemented a new steroid policy which includes random testing and suspensions for violations. What reaction I’ve seen so far has been mixed – King Kaufman approves, while AP’s Steve Wilstein disapproves (latter link via Eric … Continue reading Continue reading

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Strayhorn’s money

Looks like Comptroller Strayhorn will be in decent financial shape for any GOP primary she chooses to participate in. Republican Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn said Thursday that she has $5.7 million in cash on hand for her next campaign. […] … Continue reading Continue reading

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UT spammer sued by AG

UPDATE: This post about Ryan Pitylak is no longer accurate, and as it is apparently causing Ryan some harm, I have removed it. Continue reading

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