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More CHIP carping from KBH

Once again without directly attacking Governor Perry, Senator Hutchison is talking about how much money Texas has lost in CHIP funds. Texas forfeited $104 million in federal funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program when it failed to spend all … Continue reading Continue reading

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Jackson v. Perry, Take Two

The Supreme Court-ordered review of the federal lawsuits filed against the Texas re-redistricting of 2003 is scheduled for tomorrow. SCOTUS has ordered the lower court to reconsider its ruling in light of the Vieth v Jubelirir case that it decided … Continue reading Continue reading

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The bottom 100

Norbizness dares us to list all the movies in the IMDB Bottom 100 that we’ve seen. This one is easy for me: Jaws 3-D That’s it. Sometimes not being a big moviegoer has its advantages. In case you missed it … Continue reading Continue reading

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One thing leads to another

Parole, probation violators add to prison overcrowding Scarce Texas prison beds are increasingly being used by offenders who have violated a condition of their parole or probation, often for something as minor as missing a meeting or failing to pay … Continue reading Continue reading

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