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June 9th, 2006:

Liveblogging: I suck

I’m here in “Bloggers’ Alley” in the main session for the evening, where Wes Clark just finished wowing the crowd. Busy guy – he was at Yearly Kos before this. I thought I might try liveblogging this, but I’m apparently lousy at listening and typing at the same time. Thankfully, Vince, The Muse, and Damon are better at it than I. They, plus Nate and Anna, are down the table from where Greg and I are sitting. And thanks to Greg, I’ve now been officially quoted by a press peson. Sure, it was Greg himself, but it’s a start.

Sen. Gonzalo Barrientos is up now, after a nice video intro from his son. More later.

UPDATE: One more livebog from Marc’s Miscellany. Sen. Barrientos just finished. They did not play a “Journey” song. This is a good thing.

Up now, New Mexico Secretary of State Rebecca Vigil-Giron.

UPDATE: Sen. Letitia Van de Putte just played Hit the Road, Jack in honor of Tom DeLay’s last day in Congress. Now, that I can (but still won’t) dance to.

Oh, by the way, her surname is pronounced “van de pyoot”, not “van de putt”. I’d always wondered about that.

This press thing is pretty sweet

Who knew that a press pass got you free food and WiFi? I may never leave.

Just did a brief chat with Shane Sklar, which I’ll post later tonight or tomorrow. I’ve got a chat scheduled with Mary Beth Harrell, so look for that later on as well.

Looks like we’re going to get a pretty decent crowd at the Bloggers’ Caucus tonighjt.

I’m feeling a little scatterbrained from the drive. I’ve never really attended one of these conventions before – let alone “reported” from one. My intent in coming here was mostly to network, to meet some of the people I’ve written about and get a chance to talk to them. I’ll be going to the main session in a little while – they’ve set up a bloggers’ table there, so I may try doing some liveblogging of the various addresses. Basically, I’m making this up as I go along. Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day.

Getting there is half the aggravation

We made it to Fort Worth (Greg came with me). Whoever said that Houston is hard to navigate has never driven in the Metroplex, I’ll just say that. We’ve got the WiFi working, and we’re about to attend a press conference for Barbara Radnofsky. More later.

More on the Dems’ TRO

I’m about to leave for Fort Worth, so here’s the Chron story on the Democrats’ lawsuit temporarily injuncting the GOP against starting the process to replace Tom DeLay on the CD22 ballot.

State District Judge Darlene Byrne of Austin, a Democrat, issued the order at 5:02 p.m. and set a hearing on a temporary injunction for June 22.


Attorneys Chad Dunn of Houston and Cris Feldman of Austin represented the Democratic Party in court. The Republicans were represented by party General Counsel Donna Davidson.

Dunn said evidence in Fort Bend County shows DeLay still has a homestead exemption, is registered to vote and has a Texas driver’s license. Dunn said DeLay also was continuing to represent the district in Congress at the time Benkiser said the county chairs could start picking a replacement.

Dunn also said the Democratic Party wants to permanently block Benkiser from replacing DeLay. Dunn said state law allows a candidate to be replaced on the ballot if they move out of state, but he said the move must be for a compelling reason.

“If you move out of the district, it’s because you have a compelling reason to do so, not just because you can’t win it,” Dunn said. He said to allow the party to replace DeLay would set a precedent for manipulating the election process to “cherry pick” candidates.

I thought there was an interesting quote at the end of this Statesman article.

Austin lawyer Margaret A. Wilson, representing the GOP, denied in court that the party cooperated with DeLay on his exit strategy.

“This is not something the party plotted,” Wilson said. “Whether or not, Tom DeLay plotted it, we’ll never know.”

Ponder that while I head north. See you in a few hours.