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June 10th, 2006:

It’s Boyd

For those keeping score at home, the winner of the TDP Chair race is Boyd Richie, in overtime over Glen Maxey. I will now repeat my call for a minimum of bloodshed from this point forward. I’ll even add a “pretty please with sugar on top” to my plea. That is all.


This is what it looks like when bloggers party.

You might have noticed that one of us is hiding behind some other bloggers in that picture. Here’s a a better look. Be nice with the captioning.

Here’s a list of some of the people who were there last night. And here I am with the Blogging Rep.

More silliness from Day One: Rick Perry’s school bus, and Tom DeLay’s future.

The Dallas Morning News acknowledges our presence. We promise not to eat all the food in the press room, tempting though that may be.

On a serious note, let me second the thanks to Amber, Hector, and the crew at the TDP for doing so much to make us bloggers feel welcome. I know I speak for all of us when I say we really appreciate it.

More interviews coming. They’re busy voting for the Party Chair now. Here’s the place to go for real news on what’s happening with all that.

UPDATE: Also on a serious note, speeches from Barbara Radnofsky and Chris Bell.

Shane Sklar Q & A

Here’s the Q&A I promised with Shane Sklar. I’ve gotten some feedback from people asking for stuff like this to be done in podcast form, with an RSS feed. I think that’s a great idea, and will work on it as soon as I’m back in Houston. I will put all the interviews I’ve done into that format and post an announcement when they’re ready.

I’ve got a bunch of interviews lined up today, including Nick Lampson, Mary Beth Harrell, John Courage, Hank Gilbert, Gary Binderim, and more. Check back later today.

(Greg drafted this last night after he did his magic with the sound files, so his name appears as the author of this post.)

One ridiculed grandma

I won’t have a whole lot of time for following regular news stories while I’m here, but I have to link to this story about the rousing round of ridicule Carole Keeton Strayhorn got for her bizarre request to be identified on the ballot as “Grandma”. First, from Kinky Friedman, who is well-suited for this kind of task.

“She can call herself Carole Cougar Mellencamp if she wants, but when it comes to the ballot she should have to follow the law,” Friedman, a musician and satirist, said in a statement. “Hell, I’ve been Kinky for 40 years.”

Heh. I seem to recall a George HW Bush impersonater from back in the day who called his character something like George Herbert Walker Joyner Kersee Cougar Mellencamp Bush. Nice to know the classics never go out of style.

And from the Chris Bell campaign:

Jason Stanford, a spokesman for Democratic nominee Chris Bell, also said Strayhorn’s request is absurd.

“I don’t see how this race could get any weirder. She’s asking the state to certify that she is a grandma,” Stanford said.

The scary thing is that I can imagine this race getting weirder. I just don’t know how yet. I’m almost afraid to find out.

We’ll know in a few weeks what SOS Roger Williams thinks about this. I’ll go out on a limb and say he’ll reject it. But hey, maybe that’s how the weirdness will progress. Who knows?