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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

We did not got to the parade downtown today, but that’s OK. We went to the Saint Patrick’s Day parade at Olivia’s preschool yesterday. Continue reading

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The TYC “czar”

Meet Ed Owens. Ed Owens effectively became the Texas Youth Commission czar Friday, vested with total power to rebuild an agency in administrative disarray and unable to guarantee the safety of youth in its custody. Owens, the TYC’s acting executive … Continue reading Continue reading

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No more teams for San Antonio?

Will San Antonio ever get another major sports team? Right now, it’s looking like the answer is No. The prospects for San Antonio landing a second major-league professional sports franchise in the near future are so dim, local officials say, … Continue reading Continue reading

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Tom DeLay’s book

Juanita points to this review of Tom DeLay’s new book, which judging from the excerpts should be subtitled something like “All Republicans Stink But Me”. For no particular reason, I’m reminded of something Tommy Lasorda said when his former player … Continue reading Continue reading

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RIP, Bowie Kuhn

Former Major League Baseball Commissioner Bowie Kuhn has passed away at the age of 80. To say the least, he was Commissioner during interesting times. In 1976, he voided the attempt by [Charlie] Finley’s Oakland Athletics to sell Vida Blue, … Continue reading Continue reading

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