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TIERS for Medicaid

This can’t be good. State social services officials now plan to switch 1 million or more needy people in the next year to a different application process for benefits, including Medicaid and food stamps. The state says it intends to … Continue reading Continue reading

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The Chron on Bradford

The Chron has a curious article about former HPD Chief Clarence Bradford, who is now running for District Attorney as the Democratic candidate. I say “curious” because I can’t tell if it’s a special one-time-only story about one candidate, or … Continue reading Continue reading

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DPS director to retire

The longtime director of DPS is retiring. “After 43 years and 9 months with the Texas Department of Public Safety, I am retiring on Aug. 31, 2008,” Col. Thomas A. Davis Jr. said in a brief statement. Davis, 67, who … Continue reading Continue reading

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Pee in a cup, go to jail

This is ridiculous. “I don’t believe in locking people up for dirty urines,” said Bill Fitzgerald, the Chief Probation Officer during an interview in his office with the Trouble Shooters. He says that he expected a spike in positive test … Continue reading Continue reading

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Texans Against Hunger

As the economy sags and food prices rise along with gas prices, stories about hunger and the ability of food banks to keep up with demand have been in the news lately. There’s now a blog that is following this … Continue reading Continue reading

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