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Pete’s strip club buddies

The DCCC has some fun with Pete Sessions’ strip club fundraiser. A March 2007 evening at a Las Vegas strip club is creating a great deal of controversy throughout the country, including in Minnesota. The event raised money for the … Continue reading Continue reading

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Landfill power

Interesting. Anheuser-Busch, the top U.S. beer seller, said today it will begin using landfill gas to help power its massive Houston brewery in a move designed to lower its soaring energy costs and keep beer prices from climbing higher. The … Continue reading Continue reading

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How many eligible voters are there?

On Tuesday, I asked the question how many eligible voters there were in Harris County, so we could put the number of registered voters into some perspective. Yesterday, I got an answer to that question. The folks at Houston Votes … Continue reading Continue reading

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It sucks to be a school district

And it’s not going to get better any time soon. School districts across Texas are likely to face extreme fiscal hardships over the next two years as transportation costs spiral out of control, enrollments continue to grow and the transition … Continue reading Continue reading

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Pai pays up

Been awhile since there was an Enron-related story that interested me. A former top Enron executive who sold nearly $300 million in Enron stock before the company cratered has agreed to pay regulators $31.5 million to settle civil allegations of … Continue reading Continue reading

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Bye-bye, trees

And away they go… Some of the live oak trees that lined Kirby Drive were removed [Monday] night as part of a controversial reconstruction project between Westheimer and Richmond. The oaks, as well as crape myrtles, were taken down on … Continue reading Continue reading

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