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Weekend link dump for September 26

Early voting begins in three weeks. I can hardly believe it, either. An updated version of the Powers of Ten video. Very cool. Via SciGuy. Who needs unity, anyway? Divorce insurance. I’m guessing you won’t see it on wedding registries. … Continue reading

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Is this the swan song for the clown show?

After all this time, my heart isn’t into snarking on the SBOE and its latest travashamockery. I just want to point one thing out from how the vote went on that ludicrous and hateful anti-Islam resolution: State Board of Education … Continue reading

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Endorsement watch: Appeals courts

I’ve regularly ragged on the Chron for their, um, casual attitude of late for getting endorsements done in a timely manner, so I must commend them for getting such an early start this year. They’ve covered the Governor and Railroad … Continue reading

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Don’t forget Kay!

Salon looks at recent GOP history to preview the 2012 Senate primaries: As it is, though, the Tea Party is out of Republican targets for 2010. But 2012 is just around the corner, and the Tea Party may pick up … Continue reading

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