Weekend link dump for September 26

Early voting begins in three weeks. I can hardly believe it, either.

An updated version of the Powers of Ten video. Very cool. Via SciGuy.

Who needs unity, anyway?

Divorce insurance. I’m guessing you won’t see it on wedding registries.

How to act locally on school lunches.

Bill him! And hire the sleaziest, most aggressive collection agency to hound him till he pays up.

How small are these so-called small businesses?

Who’s really rich? Those who are should be taxed more.

I’m not interested in exploring the final frontier, but I can think of some other people who I hope are interested.

Are you concerned about the deficit? Do you want a balanced budget? Well, good news – there’s a very simple way to make it happen.

No class.

What do you suppose Joe Lieberman’s gang sign would be? I’ll say this much – it would surely involve the middle finger.

Who are you gonna trust, me or the guy who was actually there at the time?

Great moments in byline/story synergy.

You know, sometimes the original isn’t the best.

What’s wrong with a little inflation?

What Mike Tomasky says.

One of the hidden advantages of procrastination is that some formats become obsolete before you convert to them. But maybe I shouldn’t speak too soon about that.

“No-show Governor out of step with Texas values”. Ain’t that the truth.

Where’s the free market solution for stink bugs?

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