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Weekend link dump for September 18

Happy Day Before International Talk Like A Pirate Day! Sneakerware will never truly go out of style. (See here or here for the definition if it’s unclear to you.) Apparently, having an aol.com email address is now considered a status … Continue reading

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Perry’s email purging on hold

Never underestimate a truly determined hacker. Gov. Rick Perry’s state office has temporarily stopped deleting emails every seven days — as its official document retention policy allows — thanks to the efforts of a Wisconsin-based political activist who thinks they … Continue reading

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San Antonio City Council extends domestic partnership benefits to city employees

Good for them. On Thursday, words like “abomination,” “sin” and “Satan” were commonplace in City Council chambers as the audience weighed in on a tiny portion of San Antonio’s $2.2 billion budget. The council listened to three hours of public … Continue reading

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Can we have some of your rainwater?

This is just crazy enough that you would hope it might work, but it probably can’t. As the soggy East tries to dry out from flooding and Texas prays for rain that doesn’t come, you might ask: Isn’t there some … Continue reading

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Amazon cuts a deal with California

Interesting. Amazon.com cut a tentative deal with legislative leaders Wednesday night that would allow it to postpone collecting sales taxes from Californians for another year. The company in turn would drop its battle to overturn the state’s new law that … Continue reading

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