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Friday random twelve: My worst songs

Having spent so much time talking about the songs I own that are on various Best Songs lists, how about a list of Worst Songs, courtesy of the AOL Radio Blog? This list goes to twelve because that’s how many … Continue reading

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Lineup update

The Chron story that ran in yesterday’s news is now updated online to reflect the fact that CM Melissa Noriega does have two opponents, Brad Batteau and Chris Carmona. I emailed reporter Chris Moran yesterday to ask about that discrepancy, … Continue reading

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Starting with a bang

Congratulations to the UTSA Roadrunners for winning their first-ever football game. Now please inform your fans that storming the field afterward is maybe not such a hot idea. The arrests of a small group of University of Texas at San … Continue reading

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No grass, no problems

Texas is in the midst of one its worst droughts ever, yet one of the more arid cities in the state is seeing no noticeable drop in its reservoirs. How is that possible? Simple: They got rid of lawns years … Continue reading

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Texas blog roundup for the week of September 5

The Texas Progressive Alliance hopes everyone had a fine Labor Day weekend as we bring you this week’s roundup.

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