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The Nuge comes to Texas

Via Rick Perry Versus The World, George Bush has a noisy new neighbor in Crawford.

The so-called Motor City Madman is officially turning Texan.

Michigan rocker and hunting activist Ted Nugent said he plans to get a Texas driver’s license soon.

Nugent said he’ll officially become a Texas resident in 2005, after moving his family to the Crawford area about a year and a-half ago.

The rock guitarist is at his Michigan house in Concord, near Jackson, during the holidays to prepare for his Whiplash Bash tour.

Nugent also said he plans a New Year’s hunting excursion with Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

Nugent, who said he supports President Bush “100 percent,” said his new home is “right around the corner” from Bush’s ranch.

Nugent also said he’s working with the Texas fish and game department, where he writes for a state publication on bow-hunting.

Nugent plans to keep his Michigan property.

Well, so much for his pledge to run against Jennifer Granholm in 2006. On the other hand, maybe he plans to tell Rick Perry on that hunting trip that he’ll be entering the GOP primary against him. With Kinky Friedman already running as an independent, it’s not like he’d be ratcheting up the weirdness factor all that much.

UPDATE: Ah, good. The Nuge is still a Michiganiac” at heart and hasn’t forgotten his pledge to run for the Governorship there in 2006. They can have him. Thanks to PerryVsWorld for the catch.

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  1. Greg Wythe says:

    Hmmm, wonder if we now have Chet Edwards’ next opponent in our sights.

  2. Smirking Chupacabra says:

    Damn, another lunatic moving within 75 miles of my house. I gotta get out of here!

    I don’t think the Motor City Moron will be Edwards’ next opponent – after all, he did adopt his 17-year-old lover back in the late 1970s so he could legally do the “Wango Tango” with her. Most Goopers around here still frown on that kind of behavior. At least in public!

  3. Tim says:

    My favorite Ted Nugent story comes from my first day of junior high, back in 1977. And it’s not directly a Nugent story, but it still gives me a chuckle.

    The Bay Area of California was a magnet for Vietnamese refugees, especially shortly after the fall of Saigon in 1975. Within a couple years of that event, the southern Bay Area — what would later become known as Silicon Valley — was becoming populated with Viet immigrants. We started seeing a few kinds named Nguyen in our school, which was initially very unusual.

    My first day in 7th grade science class, our teacher, a seemingly hippie boomer thirtysomething named Mr. Armstrong, was taking roll when he stumbled across one of these unusual names. At the time, most folks pronounced the name like “new-jen.” And the kids, not wanting to correct an authority figure I assume, just took it. So Mr. Armstrong takes roll and reaches this name. New—nu–new-jen?”

    The Viet kid nods in the affirmative.

    “Oh,” Mr. Armstrong replies. He then points at the side wall of the classroom where he put up posters of several of his favorite rock legends. “You mean like Ted Nugent, then?” he reiterates, pointing at a picture of the Motor City Madman rocking out live in concert.

    She nodded, again, in the affirmative.

    And so she became “Miss Nugent” for the rest of the semester.

  4. “He’s deflecting the bullets with the power of his rocking.”

    Chuck alerts me to the disturbing news that The Motor City Man-Thing and ex-Damn Yankee himself, Ted Nugent, will soon be taking up residence in the Lone Star State: Nugent said he’ll officially become a Texas resident in 2005, after…