Perry the pitchman

How can we miss you if you won’t go away?

We’ll always have corndogs

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry on Monday jumped into the middle of the debate over mask mandates in public schools by trying to sell state officials on a product from a company in which he has a financial interest.

The Republican led a nearly hour-long press conference a the Texas Capitol on Monday that sounded more like an infomercial as he tried to convince state leaders to buy a brand of air filtration products from a company — Houston-based Integrated Viral Protection — that he acknowledged he has “a part” in.

When asked how much of a part, Perry replied: “Well, that’s none of your business. I’m not a public official anymore.”

And yet there you are using the Capitol as your own personal Etsy platform, as if that were a normal thing for non-public officials to do. Or anyone, honestly, though as we know the vast majority of the commerce that happens in that building does so in a far more discreet manner. But if we were going to ask you questions about your little side hustle, after we got to the ones about whether this thing is an effective and cost-effective mitigation strategy (masks are pretty cheap, after all), we’d then have to ask about the questionable characters that are also involved. But hey, you’re just a private citizen who only wants my tax dollars and not my vote, so I guess we’re done here.

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16 Responses to Perry the pitchman

  1. Bill Daniels says:

    Maybe Dora should buy some of Perry’s air filters, you know, just to prove that she didn’t drop $ 11M with her friend who has a business with ZERO employees as a political payoff. It would be Empowering……

  2. David Fagan says:

    22 days and counting……..

  3. Manny says:

    Liars and whiners are typical Racist/Republicans: Adrian Garcia, Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and other great liberal causes.

    Cagle does not indicate how the bidding was flawed; like all Racists/Republicans, he engages in lies and whines.

  4. Bill Daniels says:


    Follow the ‘logic’ here. The $ 11M woman deserves the money because she purportedly has connections to Hillary, and has worked in getting out the vote for Dems. The money is purportedly to encourage people to be injected.

    Who are we demonizing right here for declining to be injected? Trump supporters! Can you explain how someone with experience turning out Democrat voters is going to parley that experience to appeal to Trump supporters to do something they clearly do not want to do?

    I await your pretzel logic explanation for how that’s supposed to work.

  5. Frederick says:


    Can you just stop this silliness and concentrate on the important Republican agenda….keeping brown people from voting.

    Please keep your eye on the GQP ball.

  6. Bill Daniels says:


    “…..keeping brown people from voting.”

    That, hopefully, will be accomplished today. Sucks to be you, Frederick. If you weren’t so lazy, you’d be able to get up in the morning, work for a living, and vote like everyone else.

    I’m especially pleased to keep YOU from voting, since you’re unable to vote during the 12-14 hours a day, for the 2+weeks of early voting plus election day. If you had been forced to work instead of being given welfare, free housing at Cuny Homes, and food stamps, you’d be able to actually get to a polling place and walk in, like the white folks do, seemingly effortlessly.

  7. Jason Hochman says:

    I am going to find out how the bidding was flawed. The county cried that the bidding was flawed when the GLO didn’t award any of the HUD money to the county, and they blamed P. Bush for their proposal not being competitive.

    Now I am requesting the RFP and the application from Elevate through open records. I would like to get $1.87 million dollars, and, in return, I will run around yelling “wear yer mask!”

    I mean, who is whining here? The pandemic panic is a big gravy train for the fear mongers who promote it. From Jeff Bezos on down, how can anyone single out Rick Perry and blame him for making a little cash? The mask mandate supporters are in on it…my TV set is full of ads for Copper Fit masks, the mask that can hang on a lanyard around your neck, 3M is probably also helping to push mask mandates…

  8. Bill Daniels says:

    Sly: $ 95,000/year “special friend” internship

    Dora: “Hold my sangria.”

    [gives out $ 11M contract to ‘flour tortilla’ friend]

    You know what I’m talkin’ bout, Manny.

  9. Robert says:

    Charles….I think it’s time you either moderate comments or start to block people.

    Bill’s comments are insulting even considering the source.

    I think he gets off on this, he adds nothing constructive to the conversation EVER.

  10. Bill Daniels says:


    You find nothing insulting about a narrative that says the only way black people can vote is by drive through, in the middle of the night, and at the same time, DO find it insulting when I accept that assertion as fact.

    Think about that. Who is it that is actually doing the insulting here? Is it the people who think so little of black people that they really don’t think blacks are capable of voting like everyone else, or is it me, who doesn’t actually believe it, but repeats that assertion to toss out a Hobson’s Choice?

    In the interest of bipartisanship and getting back on topic, Perry’s a snake, and has been a long running embarrassment to Texas, and was an embarrassment to the Trump White House as well. Maybe we shouldn’t be electing cheerleaders?

  11. Jason Hochman says:

    I have to agree with Bill’s post…the foundation of “voter suppression” is that minorities can’t vote because they can’t figure out how to get an ID, can’t hire an attorney or accountant, can’t get to the voting locations during scheduled times. I find that a rather cynical strategy, basically, “these people are too dumb to follow the rules to vote, but we can convince them to vote for us.”

    I disagree with closing polling places in predominantly minority communities.

    I also disagree with having voting in churches. Studies show that people vote more conservatively in churches.

  12. policywonqueria says:


    Re: “You find nothing insulting about a narrative that says the only way black people can vote is by drive through, in the middle of the night, and at the same time, DO find it insulting when I accept that assertion as fact.”

    Classic example of a strawman argument.

    Distort a disfavored position into a caricature, then take cheap shots at it.

    On the merits, there are many “dumb” people, rouge-necks not excepted, to use a more attenuated but nevertheless color-conscious euphemism. As long as we are able to keep the democratic republic, the 50% belonging to the below-average in intelligence stratum are entitled to vote too. So what gives you the right to use your purportedly superior intelligence as a yardstick for the ease of voting and the accessibility of the ballot box, whether geographically or temporally or modality-wise?

    In any event, as to individuals, the question of who qualifies to be labeled as “dumb” is somewhat subjective. Governor Abbott, for example, exhibits indicia of cognitive dysfunction in addition to more traditional symptoms of megalomania. That state of affairs accordingly would provide fodder for an argument that we have an idiot for a civil Commander in Chief, pending pandemic. Idiot, of course, is no longer a medical/clinical term, but a pejorative one denoting absence of reasoning ability and good judgment. As such, it would fit. It wouldn’t be merely constitute an ad- hominem insult.


    Contemporary gubernatorial pandemic policy-making under the Loony Star:

    Step 1: Let’s see what the CDC and the local public health authorities are recommending.

    Step 2: Let’s use our emergency powers under the Disaster Act to make sure local leaders don’t get away with following their recommendations.

    Step 3 to General Paxton: Let’s go to our Supreme Court for affirmation that the Governor is the Captain of the Ship, and that his orders constitute the unquestionable status quo rule of law irrespective of content.

    Orders are, after all, orders. And orders must be followed.

    And don’t let the rats get off the sinking ship.

    Burn the life vests and lifeboats.

  13. Ross says:

    Bill, you fucking racist piece of shit, the woman’s name is Lina Hidalgo, not “Dora”. Every time you use that term, you show just how incredibly stupid you are, and just how fucking racist you are. It’s not the least bit funny, but is demeaning. Want to argue policies and actions, fine, but use the official’s name.

    No one is saying that any minority can’t vote during regular hours. What we are saying is that it is good public policy to make voting easier for everyone. The fact that more minorities used the alternate times and methods doesn’t mean they are weak or stupid, it merely means they found those times and methods more convenient for their situations. You have no way of knowing what any particular person’s situation is. Maybe they work two jobs back to back, and can’t get to the pools during open hours. Maybe they have a family to get fed and helped with homework. Who knows? The Republicans, however, want to make it harder to vote, and, from the numbers, that will have a disproportionate effect on minorities, which is the ultimate goal here.

    I think we are all also getting tired of your whataboutism. You never address the topic at hand, you pull some irrelevant item out of your ass, and try to direct the attention there.

  14. Jason Hochman says:

    I disagree with the way that Bill presented the argument, but you have to agree with the point, the argument that votes are being suppressed due to the ineptitude of the voters, BUT we want them to vote, because they will vote for us, well, let’s just say that’s a bit cynical.

    The fact is, Election Day is only one day. You’d think that anyone who wanted to vote would be able to make arrangements to accommodate a small schedule change on the one day. If they were giving out free bottles of liquor, a lot of people would find a way to get out of work early, or go in late, or leave the kids to their own homework for a few hours…how’s that for whatboutism. What about an experiment. Give out free bottles of liquor and see who shows up. Then, see how many of them show up to vote.

    I am surprised that more people are not afraid of slipping into tyranny. On the one hand, they want more people to vote. On the other hand, they want to elect people who issue fascist diktats and tell everyone what medical treatment to get and what to wear, and when your business is essential or nonessential. Giving that power to the local authorities is just as frightening as giving it to Trump, in my opinion.

  15. C.L. says:

    I don’t give a shit who votes for who, just that they’re given every possible opportunity to vote. Vote in a church, vote at a taco stand, vote at Carter Country, vote in glory hole room behind a gas station on I-10 East. Don’t care, just vote.

    Ross, you’re opening remarks stated the obvious, but TY for putting them in print.

    Gotta stop feeding the trolls…

  16. Manny says:

    Meanwhile in Brazoria County, home of our resident racist, the following;

    Bill, should pitch your poisoning solution in the Republican blogs, they will love you for giving them such useless information.

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