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Blogrolling update

Since Bloglines is my tool of choice for blogreading, I don’t update my blogroll as frequently as I should. I finally did so today, adding some sites that were long overdue for the sidebar. When I get in a frenzy like that, I tend to overlook things, so if you think you belong there but you’re not, please let me know. Thanks.

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  1. Chris Elam says:

    I’m apparently one of your biggest referrers… yet I lack blogroll status. =)

  2. And here we see why I admit the goofs up front on a post like this. My apologies for the oversight, Chris. It’s been fixed.

  3. view from the left

  4. Michael says:

    While a link to Ones and Zeros would not be unappreciated, I’m still more anxious to see you remove the checkbox that allows you to exclude the only weblog in your MT installation from your searches…