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When chickens attack

The best thing about this Chron story on the Wall Street Journal’s anti-DeLay editorial and the reaction to same is the following quote at the very end:

But some observers of Congress say ethics probes can suddenly flare out of control, as when former House Speakers Texas Democrat Jim Wright and Georgia Republican Newt Gingrich were forced from power.

“If you’ve seen a chicken in the barnyard get a peck on his head so a little blood is showing, then the other chickens all rush in and peck him to death, that is the danger for Tom DeLay right now,” said Charlie Wilson, a former Democratic member of Congress from Lufkin. “He’s got a little blood on his head, and sometimes that is enough to get you killed.”

Apparently, it’s Violent Chicken-Based Analogy Season these days. I need to do a better job of marking this sort of thing on my calendar so I won’t get caught off guard again. Who knows what other horrors are lurking out there for the innocent poultry around us?

Anyway. The Stakeholder notes that some other prominent conservatives are joining in the DeLay peck-a-rama, though they manage to steer clear of the blood-and-feathers language. Start of a trend, or soon to be forgotten? We’ll see.

UPDATE: The Daily DeLay has some thoughts on the WSJ editorial, while the Burnt Orange Report has a poll.

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  1. William Hughes says:

    I don’t have any Foghorn Leghorn analogies here, but I can’t help but make a cheep pun. 🙂

  2. WSJ Fallout

    Charles Kuffner points to this piece in the scandal-plagued Tom DeLay’s hometown Houston Chronicle: A scathing rebuke in a national newspaper with a strongly conservative editorial page and a report that his family had ended life support for his father…