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The Hillary Menace grows

And the furious debate over whether Kay Bailey or Little Ricky hates Hillary Clinton with more fervor continues on.

A week after Gov. Rick Perry’s campaign tried to link one of his potential GOP primary rivals to U.S. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, a 1993 letter emerged in which Perry called Clinton’s efforts at health care reform “commendable.”


On Monday, Hutchison’s campaign aides said the Perry letter to Clinton showed he was a hypocrite in making the videotape.

“It’s a double standard. It’s the ultimate in hypocrisy,” said Hutchison campaign manger Terry Sullivan.

“I’m glad to see in at least some instances the governor is willing to reach across party lines,” he said. “Unfortunately, it’s for Hillary Clinton’s socialized medicine plan.”

Perry campaign manager Luis Saenz said there is no comparison between Perry writing a letter on behalf of his constituents in 1993 and Hutchison accepting praise in person from “a rather liberal New York senator.”

It’s gonna be like this all the way through the primary, isn’t it?

The story states that Perry’s letter to Hillary isn’t quite in the same boat as KBH’s kissy-kissy video. Frankly, I don’t care. The whole thing is stupid. We’re all in danger of losing IQ points just by being forced to acknowledge the existence of this inane kabuki dance. Jim D has about the right response, as did the Star Telegram to Perry’s initial salvo and his lackey’s lies about it (via PerryVsWorld).

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  1. Michael says:

    This Inane Kabuki Dance would be a great name for a blog…

  2. kevin whited says:

    And you wondered why Clay Robison’s Austin bureau wasn’t actually covering HB 789 more thoroughly?

    There’s more important news to cover, obviously!


  3. Mathwiz says:

    Yes, it’s nice to see that the probable next Governor of this great state will be decided on such urgent and pressing issues, rather than nitpicky details like public education or children’s health.

  4. Hillary vs Texas

    It seems that in the early 1990’s Rick Perry was a Democrat. During his time in Sanity World, he thought that the Clinton’s healthcare plan was not totally unreasonable, and there is a letter in which he called the plan “commendable”.

    Well. In Tex…