Get the smelling salts!

I love this line from this Washington Whispers piece on how Howard Dean is doing so far as the Chair of the DNC:

So far, Washington likes what it sees, surprised he’s not the oddball that newsies pegged him as last year.

Wait…you mean the national media misrepresented someone’s character? Hey, Julia! Can I borrow that picture you use for situations like this?

(Link via Political Wire.)

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2 Responses to Get the smelling salts!

  1. julia says:

    Dude. Mi Claude es su Claude.

  2. Mathwiz says:

    Noooo…’re KIDDING! I am shocked – SHOCKED – to learn that Howard Dean isn’t the crazed madman the press made him out to be during the Democratic primary season. (I’m guessing that cliche is what the Claude Raines picture refers to.)

    Let’s see….have I left out any cliches? How about this one: “Well, DUH!”

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