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What about Bob?

So the rumors out of the NFL owners’ meeting is that Houston didn’t actually have a real shot at getting Super Bowl 43, and the reason for that is McNair envy.

Texans owner Bob McNair’s role with the NFL’s special committee on league economics might have worked against Houston’s bid to get the 2009 Super Bowl that was awarded Wednesday to Tampa, Fla.

Appointed by commissioner Paul Tagliabue to chair the committee that reviews economics and reports back to the membership, McNair might not have been sympathetic enough to owners of low-revenue teams, according to two owners who asked not to be identified.

“I don’t know what other explanation there could be for them being the first city to be eliminated, not with that stadium and that bid,” one longtime owner said after the vote was announced. “A lot of us are shocked at what’s happened, not so much by Tampa winning but by Houston being the first one out. It just doesn’t make sense.”

Even though McNair lobbied hard to get Houston a third Super Bowl, he’s the owner of a high-revenue team during a tumultuous period in which owners are divided over how to share local revenue that comes from suites, sponsorships, signage, concessions and parking.

Some owners of low-revenue teams may be resentful of owners of high-revenue teams. Until the owners agree on how to share local revenue, they won’t be able to extend their collective bargaining agreement with the NFL Players Association beyond 2008.

“Well, that could be, but no one’s told me that, and I don’t suspect they will,” McNair said. “But personal view enters into decisions like this, and all it takes is for one or two votes to be switched.”

Those billionaires. There’s just no reasoning with some of them, is there? I guess even the really rich never truly leave high school.

One true head-scratcher in the article:

Atlanta couldn’t overcome its reputation for bad weather during Super Bowl week.

Um, the Super Bowl is in the middle of winter. Anyplace, even Miami, can have bad weather in winter. And in case you’ve forgotten, this year’s Supe is in Detroit. I know they’re in a dome and all, but what do you think it’s going to be like for the rest of the time?

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  1. Jeff G. says:

    Well as a former Atlanta resident I have to wonder what smoke they’re cracking, but..

    Detroit got the Super Bowl because they built the new Dome (Ford Field?). I’m betting the odds of them getting a second Super Bowl are about the same odds of Lambeau getting another one.

  2. D. Myers says:

    Is Dom Capers REALLY on the payroll for the Houston Texans????? I believe it is time for a NEW HEAD COACH that knows how to coach and has what it takes to win!!!!!!!