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Texas Political Bloggers page updated

The Texas Political Bloggers page has been updated with all the new and new-to-me blogs that I could find. As always, if I’ve missed something, please let me know about it. I’ll be adding some of these blogs to my blogroll shortly, so please bear with me.

Maintaining that page is a bit of a PITA. I’d kind of like to throw everything into its own blogroll, since I think that’d be marginally easier to keep evergreen, but I’m not keen on adding 200 or so URLs into a blogroll. says it supports OPML, but what I want is some kind of CSV import, since I can create a CSV file fairly easily. Any suggestions? I appreciate it.

A full list of newly-added blogs is beneath the More link. Again, if I’m overlooking something, please tell me about it. Thanks!

All Things Conservative

Austin Bay

Bryan in 22


But That’s Just My Opinion


Coastal Politics

Come and Take It

Corked Bats

Dagney’s Rant

Denson in 2004

Etc and So On

Ethical Werewolf

Eye on Williamson County

Fort Bend Democrats

Grant Davis

Ground Zero for Tom DeLay

Houston Strategies

I Blame the Patriarchy

Joe Deshotel’s Capitol Weekly


Just Another Blog

Lone Star Rising

Lubbock DFA


No More DeLay

Oil Patch Democrats

On the Lege

Phantom Professor

Political Asylum


San Antonion Election 2005

San Antonio Politics

Socratic Gadfly

Texas Civil Rights Review

Texas Legislature Observed

Texas Politics

Texas Viking

Texas Women’s Coalition

Trans-Texas Corridor Blog

The View From The Nest

Very Opinionated

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  1. Greg Wythe says:

    Coupla options …

    If you redo the pages as PHP or SHTML to work with include files, you can basically have a separate file for the blogroll that the index page reads from. For the SHTML option, it’s not quite a CSV you’d create, but rather a minimalized HTML of the blogroll. The PHP option can allow for some code to read from a CSV, basically treating it like a flat-file database. A few bugs I’ve run into with PHP & MT, though, that require a bit more programming than I wish to invest in my own blog.

    Nuther options is to explore the possibility of backend databases or a plugin that might make life easier. No idea if there’s already one on the market, but it should be somewhat on the easy side to incorporate into MT. This would leave the programing independent and let MT crunch the data via its own code. Theoretically, it should work about as simply as updating/managing Blacklist for the 3.X versions of MT. I may have to look into this option myself since I’m getting my own headaches over bloglisting.

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