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Janette Sexton Campaign Kickoff Reception

In a previous entry on Janette Sexton, I promised to pass along information on her first fundraiser. I got the scoop last night, so here it is – click the More link for the details of the event, to be held on July 14 at Gilley’s in Pasadena. If you want to help unelect Robert Talton (and you know you do), here’s your first chance to do something.

Please join Janette Sexton on Thursday, July 14, from 7:00-8:30 PM at Gilley’s, 6777 Fairmont Parkway, as she kicks off her campaign for State Representative in District 144.

The restaurant (formerly Ernie’s) is located on the north side of the street, between Red Bluff Road and Beltway 8 East. For your convenience, you can access a Mapquest map via this link.

Janette Sexton Capaign
P. O. Box 7709
Pasadena, Texas 77508-7709

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One Comment

  1. Janette Sexton says:

    Politics is about raising a sufficient amount of money to get one’s message out to the voters. It’s just that simple.

    Being a woman of modest means, I will have to depend on YOUR participation and support to fuel my campaign. I strongly believe in our core Democratic values, and I pledge to do my utmost to run a positive campaign.