Weekend link dump for August 27

“The federal and state indictments of Trump and those who aided his alleged dictatorial bid to illegally and unconstitutionally hold power will work their way through the courts. That process — the thorough investigation by prosecutors’ offices and the deliberative, fair adjudication by the courts — stands as a sterling example of the vital role the executive and judicial branches of our governmental system play in protecting democracy. But when it comes to ensuring this never happens again, the nation’s legislators need to step up.”

“The 5th Circuit’s New Abortion Pill Ruling Targets Patients Directly“.

“Few analysts bothered to consider that once a right people have had (and yes, taken for granted) for almost 50 years is suddenly snatched away, that might upend the politics of the issue.”

More Disney versus DeSantis. Keep it coming.

From the Couldn’t Have Happened To A Bigger Group Of Fkn Scumbags department.

“Beyond the 4 criminal indictments, these 12 civil suits threaten Trump’s finances”.

“A reporter’s reflections on the 102nd anniversary of the Tulsa massacre”.

“If we’re to talk about a problematic portrayal of Jewishness by non-Jewish actors, then the most egregious offender in recent years has got to be “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.” The Prime Video comedy ran for five seasons and garnered heaps of praise and fans, but it featured non-Jews playing some of the most stereotypically Jewish characters seen in years.”

“For supporters, it’s a sign that climate policies can also breathe life back into deindustrialized coal and steel communities with green jobs. The symbolism is compelling but how much those communities benefit will depend on a wide array of factors.”

Let them fight.

Lock them up.

“Victimhood is embedded in every part of Trump’s campaign, personality, communications, and strategy. The only thing that shifts is the topic and the object of blame.”

Hang that mug shot in the Smithsonian.

“A new KFF survey reveals the broad reach of health misinformation, with at least four in 10 people saying that they’ve heard each of 10 specific false claims about COVID-19, reproductive health, and gun violence.”

RIP, Claude Picasso, son of Pablo Picasso and longtime administrator of the Picasso estate.

“Ohio Republicans Use Last-Ditch Gambit To Infuse Ballot Proposal With Anti-Abortion Language”.

Let them dance!

RIP, Bob Barker, longtime former host of The Price Is Right.

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3 Responses to Weekend link dump for August 27

  1. SocraticGadfly says:

    RIP Bob Barker, ogler and exploiter of women, I think you meant.

  2. J says:

    Unless I missed it, there is a story that should be a bigger deal than it seems to be concerning the big February freeze and statewide blackout. A former Enron energy trader has filed a lawsuit alleging that 92 pipeline operators and associated entities conspired to restrict and rig natural gas supplies and that is what ultimately lead to the blackouts. The AGs of Oklahoma and Kansas are suing, but not a peep from Abbott or the Texas AG.


  3. robert says:

    Yeah, Bob was great on the show….off the show, not so much.

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