Buzbee to run for District G

When will he have the time for this?

Tony Buzbee, the high-profile lead lawyer defending impeached Attorney General Ken Paxton, filed to run for Houston City Council on Monday.

With hours until the filing deadline, Buzbee livestreamed himself filing to run for District G, currently held by Mary Nan Huffman. The office is nonpartisan, though the district is conservative and covers the affluent neighborhoods of West Houston.

“I’m not sure who all the opponents are, but we’re gonna work very hard to do the very best we can,” Buzbee said on the stream.

Huffman has already filed to run for reelection. She responded to Buzbee’s filing in a statement that called it “just another cheap publicity stunt by Tony Buzbee.”

“He doesn’t care about representing the taxpayers of District G for the next four years,” Huffman said. “He doesn’t even care about representing Ken Paxton in his impeachment trial in September. He only cares about himself and his press clippings.”


Buzbee told The Texas Tribune he spoke with Paxton before filing for the office and said he does not see his new campaign “having any impact on the trial.” He suggested he is well-acquainted with juggling big responsibilities.

“In my life, no matter what’s happening, there’s always another big case,” Buzbee said.

Did you also check with the 125 clients you’re representing in litigation over the AstroWorld debacle? I’m guessing not. Whatever. Attention hounds gotta get attention.

Other than that, there don’t appear to have been any other filing deadline surprises. I’ll need to check again in a day or so to see if I missed anything. The Chron has a full list of candidates who filed, including twenty – twenty! – people who think they’re running for Mayor. (There could have been 21.) No, I will not be interviewing them all.

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2 Responses to Buzbee to run for District G

  1. Manny says:

    Republicans/Whitmire sure are doing everything to take over Houston. They cleared the field for Whitmire to make the run-off. The only way Whitmire wins is the same as Lanier did in his first campaign for mayor. Republican support and Latino support in the run-off.

    They made sure that Gilbert Garcia would not get into a run-off. Four Spanish Surnamed persons running for mayor; that is not a coincidence.

    For all those Democrats that think Whitmire will be your friend, don’t count on it.

  2. Frederick says:

    Meow….sounds like a cat fight starting in District G.

    Although I am not a fan of Huffman and have heard about stories of her and her office’s lackluster response to constituents, I don’t see how Buzbee would be any improvement whatsoever.

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