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CCA upholds DeLay

The Court of Criminal Appeals, which is not known for being friendly to defendants, has refused to reinstate the conspiracy charge against Tom DeLay.

DeLay, R-Sugar Land, and political consultants Jim Ellis and John Colyandro were accused of conspiring to violate state election laws in the 2002 elections for the Texas House. But lower courts threw out the indictment on grounds that conspiracy to violate the election code was not a crime until 2003.

A majority of the Court of Criminal Appeals agreed.

DeLay, Ellis and Colyandro were charged with plotting to funnel illegal corporate campaign contributions to several Republican House candidates in 2002, when the GOP gained its first House majority of modern times.

The three also were charged with money laundering, but a trial on those charges has been held up pending a resolution of the conspiracy charges.

So now we may finally get around to having the actual trials, now that all the appeals have run their course. In the meantime, I’m sure there will be more to this story soon. Stay tuned.

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One Comment

  1. Dennis says:

    I suspect there is a story yet to be told about why Tom DeLay has not been indicted by a U.S. attorney. Perhaps the reason lies with Alberto Gonzales. We may some day find out the truth.