Let them fight

Let them fight.

A crook any way you look

A $95.3 billion aid package for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan that passed the Senate overnight has sparked a battle between two of Texas’ most prominent Republicans, with Attorney General Ken Paxton calling U.S. Sen. John Cornyn an “America Last RINO” and Cornyn raising Paxton’s ongoing legal troubles.

Paxton went after Cornyn on social media early Tuesday for supporting the foreign aid bill, writing it is “unbelievable that (Cornyn) would stay up all night to defend other countries borders, but not America.”

Cornyn, a former attorney general, responded: “Ken, your criminal defense lawyers are calling to suggest you spend less time pushing Russian propaganda and more time defending longstanding felony charges against you in Houston, as well as ongoing federal grand jury proceedings in San Antonio that will probably result in further criminal charges.”


Paxton followed that with another post calling Cornyn an “America Last RINO” who “has once again joined hands with the Biden administration to fund and prioritize foreign wars over the national security crisis at the southern border.”

Just a reminder that Cornyn has already endorsed The Former Guy for President, so it’s not like he’s some pinnacle of integrity. He’s just ever so slightly on a different level of terrible.

Let them fight.

House Speaker Dade Phelan, R-Beaumont, is using a new ad to tackle head-on a major issue in his primary: Ken Paxton’s impeachment.

In the direct-to-camera spot, Phelan outlines the alleged misdeeds that led to Paxton’s impeachment last year — including an extramarital affair — and says “Vengeful Paxton is the reason” why Donald Trump recently endorsed Phelan’s primary challenger.

“If Paxton will break an oath to his wife and God, why would he tell Trump — or you — the truth?” Phelan says in conclusion.

That was from a week or so ago. Speaker Phelan is almost certainly in a world of trouble electorally, but at least he’s going down the right way.

All I can say to the Republicans out there that are tired of Ken Paxton and his bullshit is simply this: Assuming he’s on the ballot again in 2026, whether from a jail cell or not, the one thing you can do is not vote for him ever again. That ought to be easy enough for you in a primary, but it also means that when he wins that primary anyway you must not vote for him in November. Vote third party or skip the race if you can’t bear the idea of voting for the Democrat, but that’s what you must do. It’s as simple as that.

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