2024 Primary Early Voting, Day Seven: Week 2 begins

Week Two is where the action really begins, though usually you don’t see the first hint of it until Wednesday. Let’s check the board:

Year    Mail    Early    Total
2012   6,295   13,763   18,058
2016  10,180   28,367   38,547
2020  16,651   44,349   61,000
2024   9,281   40,016   49,297

2012  13,339   28,411   41,750
2016  14,681   40,537   55,218
2020  18,949   39,216   58,165
2024   4,291   48,728   53,019

As a reminder, Dem totals are on top, Republican ones on the bottom. Here are the Day Seven totals for this year, and here are the final totals from 2012, 2016, and 2020.

Republicans had a slightly better day than Democrats but they’re still within shouting distance of each other. Dems also still have about 16K mail ballots that haven’t been returned yet. Republicans have returned about half of their mail ballots so only have about 4K more to go. That could help make up some of the difference.

Here’s the Derek Ryan report, which runs through the weekend. Through Sunday, 521,000 people have voted in the Republican Primary (2.9% of all registered voters), and 257,000 people have voted in the Democratic Primary (1.4% of all registered voters). Out of curiosity, I went back to my six day report and calculated that as of the weekend, Harris County was responsible for about 15.1% of all Democratic primary votes statewide, and 8.4% of all Republican votes. That’s more or less in line with recent figures for Dems, and a furtherance of the decline for Republicans. I don’t know if that means anything, I’m just noting it for the record.

I feel like I saw more “I voted” posts on Facebook yesterday among my friends than on previous days. Have you voted yet? If not, when?

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2 Responses to 2024 Primary Early Voting, Day Seven: Week 2 begins

  1. Raj Salhotra says:

    Quick question – do we have 2022 data?

  2. Yes, I have that. Here’s my post on the final EV tallies from 2022:


    And here’s the uploaded file on my Google drive:


    I’ve not tracked the non-Presidential years, I don’t think they’re a good comparison. But I do have the EV totals from years past.

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