Dispatches from Dallas, April 26 edition

This is a weekly feature produced by my friend Ginger. Let us know what you think.

This week, in news from Dallas-Fort Worth, it’s all elections all the time, both the May 4 general election and the May 28 runoff. Plus, student protests, more on the Tarrant County Judge’s dislikes, book banning, the Arlington nuns, the Dallas firm that wants non-competes back, the Pennsylvania billionaire that’s dropping big cash on pro-voucher PACs in Texas, problems in the Tarrant and Dallas County jails, the Dallas Wings are coming to Dallas, Texas documentaries at the Dallas International Film Festival, and a new lake in North Texas. And more!

This week’s post was brought to you by the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, whom we saw this week. They were a lot of fun and we recommend catching them if they come to your town on this tour.

Let’s start with some talk about the May 4 general election, which is currently in early voting. (Get out and vote, this weekend if you haven’t already done so. That’s my current plan.) We have a lot of local stories that cover what you need to know about the Tarrant County races, the Dallas bonds, DISD trustees, and even one of the DCAD races.

That’s a lot, but when we’re done, we also get a primary runoff election on May 28, about which we’re getting a lot of coverage already. To wit:

And with that all under our belts, let’s go look at the rest of the news coming out of the Metroplex and surrounding areas.

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One Response to Dispatches from Dallas, April 26 edition

  1. SocraticGadfly says:

    The last link is HORRIBLE news, not good, and indicate that neither Ginger nor Kuff is that much of an environmentalist. Having once lived in the area, and knowing the last landowners forced to sell, I can tell you that:

    A. This lake will likely turn into a giant mud puddle half the time in summer with climate change.
    B. Its recreational boost is way overstated.
    C. It wouldn’t be needed if people in the Metromess like Ginger didn’t waste so much water.

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