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August and September traffic reports

I managed to skip doing a traffic report last month amidst all the excitement. August and September were both pretty busy around here, with 56,000 hits in August and over 79,000 in September, which is a new alltime high around here. The traffic increase seems to have coincided with the hurricanes. I guess a lot of people were looking everywhere they could for information about Katrina and Rita.

Unfortunately, these past few months have also seen a spike in spam referrals. It’s getting so bad that a lot of bloggers are complaining about it. My webhost blogged about it recently, and Dwight wrote about a huge growth in spamblogs, which seems to be the driver of this annoying trend. He’s got more info here; all I can say is that I hope the folks at Google are smart enough to keep up with these guys.

Anyway, the usual list of referrers and search terms is below the fold. Sadly, the referrers lists are shorter than usual due to all the crap sites crowding the real ones out. Sorry about that. Thanks as always for visiting!


Aggregators, collections, indices, etc ====================================== 308: 130: Weblog referrers ================ 1790: Daily Kos
601: In the Pink Texas
337: The Burnt Orange Report
283: Greg's Opinion
159: Atrios
146: Pink Dome
139: Dos Centavos
130: A Perfectly Cromulent Blog
Top search terms ================ #reqs search term 1429 real men of genius 191 budweiser real men of genius 173 eric scheffey 172 diane zamora 158 american idol tryouts 139 off the kuff 120 ron mock 117 thong contest 116 women of enron 101 schlitterbahn galveston 98 walton and johnson 93 beer bong 89 largest rat 87 if you love something set it free 79 astrodome 74 schlitterbahn 72 american idol try outs 72 kiol 71 real men of genius lyrics


Aggregators, collections, indices, etc ====================================== 365: Weblog referrers ================ 1926: Daily Kos
371: In the Pink Texas
335: The Burnt Orange Report
341: This Blog Is Full Of Crap
Top search terms ================ #reqs search term 2592 real men of genius 801 deamonte love 763 national talk like a pirate day 470 diane zamora 332 eric scheffey 288 roy blunt 252 talk like a pirate day 235 budweiser real men of genius 202 ron mock 196 abigail perlman 164 women of enron 163 ray nagin 144 kiol 138 off the kuff 137 david safavian 135 walton and johnson 121 jerry lewis telethon 117 real men of genius mp3 112 galveston evacuation 111 97.5 houston

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