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Texas Monthly preview: Why tort “reform” stinks

It’s preview time at Texas Monthly again, and for your reading pleasure for the usual limited time only is this fine piece by Patricia Kilday Hart on the history and effects of the tort “reform” movement in Texas. If you think the passage of Prop 12 from 2003 meant they had no more courtrooms to blockade, you’re sadly mistaken, as were some of the poor saps who voted for Prop 12 and now find themselves screwed by it. Read it and weep.

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One Comment

  1. Roy Mitchell says:

    Thanks for the link — now when people ask why I, a 45-year-old native West Texan white male, am a Democrat, I’ll give them this article.

    The sooner folks in my home town understand that the GOP leadership not only doesn’t care about them, but plays them for chumps and have complete disdain for them, the better.