Bob Gammage?

Long as we’re talking about Gubernatorial primaries, I (and several of my blogging colleagues) got an email about another potential Democratic candidate, a fellow named Bob Gammage. Karl-T has the text of the emails in question for you.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Any contender who thinks he or she has a case to be the Democratic standard-bearer in next year’s election is welcome to do so. Like PDiddie, I’m a Chris Bell supporter, but as he says, a contested primary, especially given how boring the one across the aisle is shaping up to be, would be a good thing. Keep it clean and focused on the failures of the Capitol’s current occupant, and I promise to keep an open mind.

All that said, Gammage is now the third such candidate to tease us with a will-he-or-won’t-he campaign, from which nothing other than a defunct website has yet to happen. Like the other two, Gammage has a fine resume and would undoubtedly be a good candidate if he wants to be. If so, get off the pot and get in already so we can have a real debate and make a real decision about who we want to represent us instead of all of these breathless emails and fevered speculations that everyone forgets about two days later. If not, how about putting some of that energy into supporting the Democrat that’s been doing the real work of campaigning for several months now? Time’s a-wasting here, so let’s get on with it one way or the other.

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