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Retaliation against TPJ

Just go read this story about how one of Tom DeLay’s friends got Texas Congressman Sam Johnson to instigate a complaint against Texans for Public Justice with the IRS for its role in exposing DeLay’s financial shenanigans. As Josh Marshall puts it:

DeLay fundraising lawyer is worried that TPJ might end up deep-sixing the boss. DeLay fundraising lawyer contacts DeLay-lackey congressman and asks him to sic the IRS on TPJ. DeLay-lackey congressman does as he’s told. And so does the IRS. TPJ gets put the wringer for uncovering information about DeLay’s crimes.

TPJ was fully cleared in the matter, with no evidence of any wrongdoing on their part coming to light. You kind of have to admire the sheer shamelessness of it all.

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